SIBA MEDIA, LLC is an Entertainment Production Company with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.


    According to SIBA MEDIA founder, Simone Bartesaghi, his company was born from the belief that everything is possible as long as there is vision, dedication and efficiency.


      Combining Italian creativity and sensibility with the efficiency of the American production system, SIBA MEDIA develops and produces projects inspired by the human condition.


     At SIBA MEDIA we believe that a film is successful when there is strong emotion involved. We’re looking to give the audience an image, a story, and an experience to treasure. Our goal is a shared personal experience between the scriptwriter, the director and the audience. What was pure imagination becomes real emotion.


     At SIBA MEDIA we look for projects that light a spark of creativity in those involved. Our organization is one where creative members can share their ideas to develop projects that will inspire hearts and minds.


     Therefore, our motto is:


Do what you Love

Share what you cherish 

Be what you dream


     Browse around our site and discover how you can contribute to a dream that runs at 24 fps.

Classes & Seminars

Simone Bartesaghi wins the 2013 MIFF Award for Best Screenplay (RUN)




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